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March, April and May my Fresh Classic - vases are for sale at
Kunstuitleen Zwolle, Voorstraat 32, Zwolle.



7, 8 and  9th of June I will sell my work at the art-fair ARTzaanstad at Zaanstad.

April 27th I will be present at the Trunk-show of MOMASF in San Francisco.
I will bring my new laser-cut Waves-necklace and my 3D printed Cube-necklace.

From March 1 till April 30 my work will be at Kunstcentrum Zaanstad.

18-21  of January I will show my work at Fashion Village at Bijhorca Paris.



My jewelry is currently for sale at:
- Eric Steenbergen, Kleine Kerkstraat 20, Leeuwarden
- Museumshop Beelden aan Zee, Harteveltstraat 1, Scheveningen
- Stadse Fratsen, Zwanestraat 2/2, Groningen
- Museumshop MCA - Chicago, USA
- Museumshop MOMASF, San Francisco, USA
- Museumshop Louisiana, Humlebaek, Denmark
- Materieshop, Via del Gesu, Rome, Italy
- Sabine Herman, Rue Faider, Brussels, Belgium
- Alexandre de Laigue, Rue Monsieur le Prince, Paris, France

From November 18 till December 23 my jewelry is part of the Christmas exhibition at Galerie Hoogenbosch in Gorredijk.

Gallery Art and Color in Blokzijl exhibits my colorful jewelry October 28 till December 23.

During the exhibition Niet Al Goud Dat Er Blinkt my gold and platinum colored work will be present at Galerie Help U Zelven in Winterwijk.

In september: taking part in Maison et Objet Paris.


Important clients,
even Obama wants to be on a picture with them



Julie's artisans gallery in New York has a beautifull range of clothes, bags and jewelry. The gallery is located at
762 Madisom Avenue. Since december they sell my porcelain rings and pendants.

In the MCA-museumshop Chicago you can buy my D(ancing) B(alls)-necklaces in many colours.

From mai 20th till juli 4th my porcelain jewelry will be exhibited at Pewabic Pottery, 10125 East Jefferson Avenue.
More information at the website:  www.pewabic.org

Students of Friesland College heave designed special clothing for my porcelain necklaces.
Because the elements of the necklaces can be worn directly on the textile the made tops to show how that can work out.
Click  here  to see the results.

Gallery Terra shows some of my necklaces during the show because of their 25th anniversary.
The show will be very special and is located at several locations. Really worth while visiting. www.terra-delft.nl

Gallery Valori is selling the bottle-vases in the new gallery at Bonner Str. 24, Erftstadt, Deutschland.  

Mai and june my Fresh Clasic vases are at Galerie Zone, Nieuwstraat 17b, Leiden.  www.galeriezone.nl



Gallery Mostly Glass from Chicago showed my jewelry at Sofa Chicago. The work is on the website and still for sale
at the gallery.  www.mostlyglass.com

From October 20- October 26 I will be in the Museum of Arts and Design to present and sell my jewelry at LOOT 2010.
Gala opening night preview October 20. More info

CBK Amstelveen , Haarlem and Alphen a/d Rijn , tulipvases and jewelry.
Gallery De Vis in Harlingen has my tulipvases in stock as well as my D(ancing) B(alls) necklaces.

D.B. necklaces also for sale at :
Riele , St.Antoniesbreestraat 126-128, Amsterdam
Sirene , Nieuwe Binnenstraat 82, Rotterdam
Pierrot, St. Jacobstraat 19, Leeuwarden
Museumwinkel Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen
Kunstuitleen Alphen a/d Rijn and Amstelveen.

September at gallery Help u Zelven, Winterswijk porcelain jewelry from Judith Bloedjes, Ienneke Wispelwey,
Marije Geursen, Inge Venderbosch and myself.



CBK Zeeland organises Flowers and Vases from 5th till end of august. I will present my biggest tulipvases there

TULPOMANIA is an exhibition of tulipvases at Gallery van Strien in Nieuw Amsterdam.
Together with other vases my tulipvases will be on the show during juli.

14th mai till 21st of june in Hamburg at Craft2eu are my bottlevases at display during the exhibition "BUNTES"
Among others are also my new vases with luster and flowertransfer.
Till half september, at A&Dgallery , Grote Koraalberg.


The new Bigrings and Blingrings are now for sale at the museumshop of The Princessehof in Leeuwarden

My bottle vases are for sale in New York at the two shops of the MOMA .

In Antwerp Belgium at A&Dgallery is an exhibition with the transferdecorationtheme.
Among others are also my new vases with luster and flowertransfer.
Till half september, at A&Dgallery , Grote Koraalberg.

In the little church of Schipluiden is a ceramic-exhibition where my cow-vases with luster and transfers are exhibited.
Every day from 10 till 17 hr till 31 0f august.

Exhibition "Collage " at gallery Craft2eu Hamburg , Germany


Exhibition Goldfever at Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur in Tegelen from 9 december till February 3th
View www.tiendschuur.net

Exhibition of jewellery of several artists in Voorburg , Holland .
View www.kunstuitleenvoorburg.nl

Designfair at de "Oude Hortus " University-museum in Utrecht on 7and 8 october
View www.ahrenkiel-ceramics.com

Ceramic-fair at Milsbeek Holland

Participant of Superstore at the RAI Amsterdam



On 26 , 27 , 28 and 29th of october I will be on the Islington Art and Designfair in London.I will show colourfull earthenware and new porcelain work. More information at www.canidart.com.

In the november-edition of Metropolitan Home they feature 3 of my vases. The vases can be ordered at the museumshop of the MCA in Chicago.

Le Bon Marché in Paris organizes Boutique d'or , a special giftshop in november and december. The bottle-vases will be for sale there.

During and after the Salone Mobile my vases were shown at the beautifull and famous designshop Rossana Orlandi at Milano.

   In the museumshop of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago are from now on the bottle-vases for sale
   as are the zip-necklaces and the necklace "bearable lightness".
   In Hamburg is from the 1st of march till 17th of april the exhibition "upgrade ". My vases are part of that exhibition.
   Gallery Craft2eu , Eppendorfer Weg 231

At this moment my bottlevases are at the exhibition "A vase is a vase is a vase "at A&Dgalley in Antwerpen , Belgium.


From the 22nd of september my bottle-vases will be in the exhibition 100% design at Mintshop, 70 Wigmorestreet, London. Beginning of october the vases are for sale at Commissaires in Montreal, Canada (complete adress: 5226, boul. St-Laurent, Montreal Qc, H2T 1S1).

From 18th september till 21 of november I will participate in the exhibition 'The making of' on behalf of the appearance of the Yearbook Dutch Design in which my contribution of the Kleurbeurs is a subject. The exhibition is at the Vividgallery, William Boothlane, Rotterdam

The bottlevases are for sale in America in Houston at galley/store Raye at 2608 Dunlavy street and also in gallery Madera in Venice (Italy)

In 'Elle Decoration UK' of July was a photo of a serie of bottle-vases. Lots of reactions followed plus the demand from magazines of Dubai, China, Germany, Israel and Italy for photoos for their next editions. To be continued...

For a impression from the 'Kleurbeurs' in Amsterdam click here

On 6, 7 and 8 may I will be one of the 80 participants of Ceramic Art London in the Royal College of Art near the Victoria and Albert Museum. For more information click here. In Wallpaper of April/May there will be an article about this event with an image of one of my vases.

The Sikkens Foundation invited me to participate at 'de Kleurbeurs' at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of Februari. I'll show series of vases and my work is also for sale. For more information click here


In gallery Traces , Hastières-par-Delà ( Belgium ) the exhibition "coup de bols" will take place from 31 oktober till 31 of december.Together with recent work of Daniel de Montmollin 500 glazed bowls will be shown ,amongst them 2 of mine.I

In Haarlem is untill 27th of september the exhibition "Pedestal" to be seen.

At this moment my bracelets and necklaces are for sale at Venice , Italy. Gallery Madera at Campo Barnaba 2762 , selling beautifull tableware and jewellery has now my work in their collection. Click here to see their website.

From 1 till 10 oktober together with 3 other designers from the northern part of our country there is work exhibited in the Fockemuseum in Bremen ( Germany ).

The website now has a guestbook. If you don't like the colors, if the bowls are too big or too small or if you simply LOVE my work and/or my site, please let me know by signing my guestbook.

After a group-exhibition of 10 ceramic artists at Gallery 't' in December 2003, I will be exhibiting there by myself in March. Bowls, vases with a handle, three-piece vases and jewelry created by me will be shown in the 'Vismarkt'-room in Gallery 't'. March 2004, Thur.-Sat. 11am-4pm and first Sun. of the month 1-5pm.

The Art Fair 'Kunstevent' is being organized in the 'Kennemersporthal' in Haarlem (The Netherlands). Jeanet Metselaar and I will participate together. I am working very hard on a Fair special.
Friday March 5 (5-10pm), Saturday and Sunday, March 6-7 (10am-6pm). If you are interested in a ticket for Friday, please contact me via email and I will send you a ticket (while supply lasts). At the Fair you will find my bowls, cups, vases and the wonderfully cool necklaces.

The exhibition 'Voetstuk' (Pedestal) is moved from Assen to Coevorden (The Netherlands). The beautiful catalog is still available, if interested, please contact me via email. Pictures click here.


During the month of June my work could be seen at 'Usaexterne' Rue du vieux marché aux grains in Brussels (Belgium).

'Dress with hooks and eyes' was taken into the Dutch Design Sellection 2003. Click here for pictures of the dress.

Participation in the ceramic art exhibition since August 28th in Maastricht (The Netherlands), due to the opening of a new branch of the 'Bijenkorf'.

During the second half of 2003, a cooperative project was done, with Maaike Klein, for the exhibition: 'Voetstuk' (Pedestal). The result of this has been exhibited in Meppel and Assen, and can now be seen in Coevorden (all in The Netherlands). Other participating ceramic artists were: Wim Borst and Pieter Hiemstra, Gert-Jan van der Stelt and Frans Ottink, Guusje Beverdam and Wil Broekema.

Four bowls have been purchased from the exhibition 'Masterpieces' in Palazzo Bricherasio for the new Design Museum in Turin (Italy).

The installation 'Lost Ceramics' could be seen from January through May 25 at the, in ceramics specialized, museum 'Princessehof' in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands).

My work was shown in the ceramics gallery: Hannie Mein (The Netherlands, Jan. 11-Apr. 26). Amongst the other participants were: Henneke Chevalier, Nol Filarski, Peter Hiemstra and Tjabel Klok.



I have participated in the international exhibition 'Masterpieces' in Pallazzo Bricherasio in Turin Italy (Artisans and Artists from Picasso to Sottsass, Dec. 5 - Jan. 26). For more information check: www.wcc-europe.org .

From September 6th through October 6th my work was shown in 'De Brandwacht Galerie' in Breukelen (The Netherlands). Paintings of the late Lode Pemmelaar could be seen. I exhibited bowls and vases.

The artwalk in Oudkerk (The Netherlands) has finished. Due to rain floods, it was necessary to collect the bowls from the bottom of the pond. Fortunately Jan Kalma was there to record this.
Movie 1
Movie 2

Unfortunately I had to cancel my participation in Keramisto, due to my participation in the 'General Assemblee' of the Worlds Crafts Council in Turin (Italy). Check: www.wcc-europe.org.

I have been working on a series of yellow and blue bowls for the city of Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). These bowls will serve as business gifts, Rinse Rinsema, former director of the 'Kunstuitleen', received the first bowl. I deliver, on a regular basis, bowls and vases to the Dutch Ministry of OC&W.

Participation at the 'biënnale' of Vallauris in France (July 1 - Sept. 29 2002). All together 821 pieces, from 48 countries were offered for selection; 145 pieces from 32 were selected.

In August an interview was printed in Ceramics, this is the magazine of the NVK (Dutch Department of Ceramic Artist). Soon this article can be found here.

I have participated in Blickpunkte (Nov 16-17), a sales exhibition. This exhibition was organized by the 'Handwerkskammer bildunszentrum', Munster (Germany).


I have participated in the exhibition "Exposition d'art contemporain" in Andenne (Belgium, May 19-20). For more information check the site of this organization.